This is achieved through participation in international fairs, the provision of training on entering foreign markets and how to take first steps in the U.S.. market, and similar projects. not content with these efforts alone, ICOC is also engaging in multifaceted social responsibility projects, primarily in the areas of education and art, because the ICOC is aware that only in socially-developed societies can free enterprise and thought take root and grow.

The Istanbul Chamber of Commerce was founded during the depressing days of the Pre-Republic era, to serve as an economic organization to ensure economic development and to protect economic rights in the face of foreign campaigns. Named the Assembly of Commerce under the Dersaadet (a former name of Istanbul) Chamber of Commerce, the assembly held its first meeting in January 14, 1882 which proved a milestone for both Turkey and the private sector.


Aware of its social responsibility and as a broad-based NGO,
the ICOC is an strong advocate of democracy and the free market, the uncompromising principles of economic and political stability.

In line with these principles, its pioneering and model activities are essential to its mission. The ICOC has always guided the Turkish private sector and society with its projects and initiatives.


Restored and opened in September 2000 after years of neglect, the new services building in Eminönü not only brought a breath of fresh air to Istanbul commerce but also added to Istanbul’s historical legacy and architectural richness. With the strength of its employees and members, the ICOC remains excited about serving on a global scale
and initiating new projects.

ICC has stepped up its activities in the education area, as a necessity of social responsibility and the information age. In addition to 14 schools and vocational high schools, including one in the Lice county of Diyarbakır and the other for autistic children, the Istanbul Commerce University is preparing our youth for the business world. With its mission of preparing young minds to lead Turkey in the new millennium for competition on a global scale, Istanbul Commerce University has become one of the most popular universities in the country.


Because we are in the information age, the provision of rapid and efficient service for members is a crucial component of institutionalization. Once the e-ITO (e-ICOC) project is completed, ICOC members will be able to access the institution’s services from their offices, with just a click of the mouse.

Having taken on the mission of being the window through which Turkey reaches civilization under the harsh economical and political conditions of the late 1800s, the ICOC will continue to serve the Turkish private sector, Istanbul, and the national economy, as it has done for over a century.


For more information please visit:


President of the Executive Board Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

In today’s modern world the positive effects of globalisation are evident to see and particularly in Turkey where the construction and  real estate sector now accounts for more than 5% of the national income. This means that with its 14 million inhabitants, the city of Istanbul is now a very lucrative investment proposition attracting rising numbers of both domestic and foreign investors and this is only set to continue.


In addition, the real estate sector in Istanbul is rapidly accelerating and gaining traction with more than 40 ground-breaking projects such as Kanal Istanbul, Istanbul’s Third Airport, The Third Bridge joining Asia and Europe, the Marmaray undersea rail tunnel, the Eurasia Tunnel and the Istanbul International Finance Centre all currently under construction, again emphasising the thriving nature of the sector.


With this in mind, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (which is the largest in the world with more than 375,000 members), is proud to announce its participation in the world’s biggest real estate fair, MIPIM.


Now in its 26th year, this world renowned exhibition will run from the 10-13th March 2015 giving the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce the opportunity to proudly present Istanbul’s investment potential to business savvy investors from all over the world. Istanbul’s latest projects will be showcased to visitors in a 300 sq m tent located at the entrance to the exhibition in a bid to encourage and develop beneficial partnerships with global real estate investors and to highlight the opportunities this 8600 year old city has to offer.


The focal point will be a huge 1/1000 sq m reconstruction of Istanbul which represents a 96 km2 area of this vibrant city. The model will feature iconic historical buildings along with real estate and substructure projects and it will also be enriched with motion, light and visual effects to give visitors a real life glimpse of the sights and sounds of Istanbul. This technologically advanced reconstruction will even feature lifelike boats floating on the Bosphorus and every hour there will be a 3D show packed full of visual effects which aims to summarise to visitors what 24 hours is like in this cutting edge city.


There are currently over 40 monumental projects underway in Istanbul which have a cumulative total investment of over 30 billion dollars, demonstrating the thriving nature of the real estate sector. Some of these projects will also be reconstructed in smaller 3D models with the aim of emphasising to investors the sheer scale and impact these revolutionary constructions will have on the city.


As the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, we strongly believe that this exhibition is a driving force in the Turkish real estate industry and it will help decide the future of the sector in Istanbul. We are extremely proud to be able to participate in such an important event and to be able to advertise the huge investment potential offered by our magnificent city and we shall continue to do so for many years to come.


For those who would like further information regarding Istanbul, the 3D model or any of the projects after MIPIM 2015, please refer to, which has further details and news regarding all aspects of the flourishing Turkish real estate sector.


We hope that the MIPIM 2015 will be beneficial for both investors and visitors alike and we look forward to forging many new collaborations and partnerships to enhance what is already a prospering and thriving sector.


We look forward to seeing you at the MIPIM exhibition.

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